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SunSaver MPPT Charge Controller 75V 15A

The new MPPT Charge Controllers Morningstar makes it even in small solar systems 10-30% more power from the connected solar modules get. By MAXIMUM POWER POINT TRACKING (MPPT) solar module is always operated at the optimum operating and not forced on the battery voltage.
It is thus possible a solar module with a voltage of, for example, To connect 57V to a 12V battery or to connect two 12V modules in series to a 12V battery.
In winter, when the power supply with solar technology is critical, the solar modules have the highest voltage and thus the energy gain with an MPPT controller greatest. In addition, the efficiency at low battery voltage rises additionally, what may result in a gain in energy of up to 70%. (Winter and low battery voltage)
The fact that the solar modules can have a higher voltage than the battery significantly smaller cable cross-sections can be used, which is a big cost savings, particularly for long lines. The SunSaver MPPT Morningstar has a very high efficiency of up to 97.5%.

The advantages:

  • On average 10-30% more yield
  • Up to 70% greater yield at low battery voltage in winte
  • It can better (larger) solar modules are used
  • Reduced installation costs (cable)

Technical Specifications:

SunSaver MPPT charge controller 75V 15 A  
Description: data:
Input voltage range: 17 - 75 V DC
Maximum battery power: 15A
Maximum load current: 15A
Battery voltage (automatic detection): 12V/24V
efficiency: to about 97.5%
standby consumption: 35 mA
Recommended solar panel performance: 12V/200W, 24V/400W,
emperature compensation: Yes
temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
With epoxy encapsulated, that is, also suitable for ships and in very humid climate
terminals: 16 mm2
electronic protection: Reverse polarity, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature
LED display for: Battery charge status, faults
protection against battery deep discharge: incorporated
battery types: Gel, AGM, acid
Dimensions: (BxTxH) 169 x 64 x 73 mm
weight: 0.6 Kg
SunSaver MPPT Charge Controller 75V 15 A