Independence by Power Box

Power Box

For the mobile power supply, we are building various power boxes.
PowerBoxOne is a highly integrated power station with the latest Li-Po Battery technology. PowerBoxOne
is thanks to the super high-performance batteries, the powerful 800W IBS Ultra Sine Inverters and the sophisticated energy management suitable for all demanding applications in military, police, rescue and research use. Stand-alone applications will be achieved by the use of the IBS Solar-kit SK4.

PowerBoxTwo and Three with 70Ah or 90Ah AGM batteries are suitable for mobile vehicle applications and also for applications outside of vehicles. With these power boxes together with the IBS Dual Battery System give flexible dual battery solutions in vehicles or independent from a  vehicle. The power boxes can be used additionally to operate IBS Ultra Sine inverters and charged by Solar kit SK4. These power boxes are suitable for use in passenger cars in camping, for veterinarians or other peoples needing a reliable power supply.