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Solarkit Mobiles SK400

Solar panel 2xSK400

The SK400 is designed for solar systems with large energy requirements and can be installed in garden plots, SAC huts, Alpine applications, military applications and emergency power systems. The output of the cells can be configured to 73.8VDC, making the new MPPT solar controller as Phocos Morningstar or with up to 100V input voltage used (system voltage 24V or 48V).

With the robust stand supports the panel can be oriented in different angles to the sun. To supply the AC load IBS 24V Ultra Sine Inverter come with up to 1600W for use.


  • Rugged aluminum construction with carrying handles.
  • Multi-contact terminals for series connection (48V system voltage)
  • Multi-Contact Connectors for parallel connection on request (24V system voltage)

Available accessories:

  • Radox câble solaire 4mm2
  • Connecteur étanche multicontact


Data and information on solar kit SK400

Solarkit SK400
Power 2x200Wp (Mono crystalline)
Solar current@Voltage 5.28A/73.8V (nominal data. MPP)
Solar current@Voltage 10.56A/36.9V (nominal data. MPP)
Dimension 2x47x80.5x4.7cm
Weight 37.5kg