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Low Battery Protection without Microprozessors:

LBP5 electronic module, 5A load currant, OC-output, for different applications

Descriptions of LBP5

The new Family of Low Battery Protection Circuits prevents starter- and board- batteries from unwanted discharging. The different products in the most modern technology cover the power range from 5A to 16A. The cabling is very easy to do and doesn't need special knowledge.

The Family of Low Battery Protection Circuits is designed for applications of (SBS) Single Battery Systems or for (DBS) Dual Battery Systems. 

  • Ultra small dimensions: 78x41x8 mm, smaller than a Credit Card
  • New Hybrid Cooling Technology (HCT) without heat sink.
  • 5 A currant of load with semiconductor switch (no relay contacts), currant  ca. 1 mA
  • Sealed IP65, rugged construction with a high range of temperature.
  • fully electronically protection incl. spike protection, SMD-technique
  • LED Statusanzeige, leuchtet wenn Last abgeschaltet ist, Autoreset bei Ladung
  • 12V/24V optionally externally connectable, optionally external reset is possible.
  • 2 values for disconnection: 11.5 V (SBS) Single Battery Systems,  11.2 V (DBS) Dual Battery Systems
  • Deconnection with hysteresis and time delay for suppression of high starting currant.


Change Voltage Setting 12V=>24V

If the junction between the two solder pads b and c is cut the unit works in 24V. If the unit has to be reconfigured in 12V the gap between the two solder pads has to be bridged again with solder.

Install manual Reset

At the two solder pads a and b a remote reset switch may be installed. If the LBP did disconnect the load the unit can be reset by actuating the remote reset switch. The load stays on until the low battery level is reached again. If the unit is not resetting anymore the battery level is low and the battery has to be recharged first.

Additional function of Dual Battery System

The Low Battery Protection may be adjusted to the starter battery of the Single Battery System (SBS) 11.5V or in the Dual Battery System (DBS) to the additional battery (board) with 0.3 V lower value for disconnection 11.2V

Cutting or reconnecting of bridges

The bridges in the connection area should be separated by a cutter. The bridge may be re-established by a soldering iron at any time. If you have questions to do this work, contact your dealer or IBS.



Low battery protection for loads up to 5A. 
 The output -L (open collector) can used to drive a load (light, small appliances) directly. Additionally this output can be used in combination with a pull up resistor to send an alarm signal to a microprocessor system. For various applications the switching levels can be adjusted. Restricted to technical people with required equipment.

LBP5 complete device
Schematic of LBP5

Changes to specifications without prior notice!

Do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for further information!